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Mercedes-Benz confirms plans of launching GLA Class compact crossover

Mercedes-Benz has been planning to roll out a compact crossover that will using their small vehicle platform called the MFA that currently is the basis for the B Class and A Class models. As the production of the brand’s new A Class starts in their factory in Rastart, the car manufacturer confirmed that the new generation of compact vehicles will have five different models that includes an A, Class, a new coupe, a B Class, and a new compact crossover.

It is not clear what the fifth model is. It can just be an electric version of the B Class although there are reports that Mercedes also has a compact roadster called the SLA on the drawing boards.

The carmaker also hinted that the new line of vehicles will be very emotive and quite sporty. This could be a hint for a compact roadster but it can also be a matter of hyping up a press release.

The crossover is expected to have a tag of GLA Class following the naming practice of Mercedes. This crossover is expected to rival the likes of the Range Rover Evoque. The crossover will be a bit more sporty in styling compared to an average crossover. Most likely, it will sport an engine being used for the A or B Class. In short, the new ride will look fast but not necessarily go fast. This should not be the case if an AMG variant will be offered later on.

The GLA might reach the shores of the U. S. by 2014. The entry level powerplant can be a 211-horsepower four-cylinder that might be mated with a dual-clutch gearbox with seven speeds. It is not yet certain if both FWD and AWD configurations will be sold or just the all-wheel drive variant.

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